My Story

I was born in the hills of North Carolina in 1954. I lived there until my family moved to the east coast of central Florida in the early 60’s (The Rocket Years).

Musically Speaking: I got my first guitar for Christmas in 1955.

I really don’t remember playing it but then I got my first real guitar, Christmas 1964. It was an Eminee acoustic, it was basic, but I loved it. Then the following year I got an electric guitar and amp! It seemed obvious…the next thing to do was to join a band and get famous.... It sounded like fun!

So began my journey of playing in numerous rock 'garage bands', yes, we really practiced in someone’s garage. By the late 60’s / early 70’s the acoustic guitar had recaptured my imagination and was opening the door for me to begin experimenting writing original songs. Then, good friends, Randy and Brian Rosier and I formed an acoustic-based trio, we dubbed ourselves, Yesterday’s Children. We played at local coffee house’s and the like, mixing in original songs with cover material by.. say, Cat Steven’s, Crosby, Stills & Nash, or America, etc. By the mid 70’s we added band members and began playing concerts and various venues under the name “Jeradonah”. After experiencing some regional success, inevitably, the group members lives went in different directions, including mine, I was married, got a real job, and started a family. Somewhere in between, or during all that, I toured around as a solo acoustic act.

At this point I’d like to backtrack a little. Around the time I got my guitar in 1964, my parents bought a small portable reel to reel tape recorder to keep us kids occupied on family trips and such... How strange to find that my voice didn't sound like me at all. Anyway, I was completely mesmerized and amazed and soon started experimenting in my first ‘studio’. It was like some kind of magic, to be able to record & play & sing along with it! Eventually, I saved enough money from doing odd jobs and bought a Martin D-28 six string acoustic and a reel to reel tape recorder with sound on sound. In 1975 I got a Teac 4 track reel to reel deck which helped to expand my music and songwriting options. Then my options doubled in the early 80’s when I got an 8 track reel to reel. It seemed like I was writing and recording new songs all the time.

Then in 1985 I quit my day job (after 7 years of working at Kennedy Space Center) and moved to Nashville with my wife and 2 kids, where we lived for the next 19 years. During the Nashville years I tried to learn as much as I could about songwriting and the whole business of music.

I worked a day job as an audio engineer at a cassette/CD duplicating facility for nearly 15 of those 19 years. All my "free time" was spent pitching my latest songs, playing at Writer’s Night’s & Open Mic Nights & Showcases, recording demo’s of my own songs and for other writers in my home studio, and writing, co-writing, rewriting & hoping. You get the idea. All of my efforts afforded me lots of near misses but no "Big Hits" (except to my ego). I signed numerous songs to publishers and had several put on hold by major artists (meaning they reserve the right to record it on their next album). But, it seems something would always happen and it wouldn't get recorded or released or... who knows?.... I dangled on the edge of 'almost', many times.

In the meantime, the kids grew up and went to college and got married and moved... (I’m a Grandpa now!). In 2004 my wife of 45 years and I decided to leave our empty nest in Nashville and moved to Southwestern Colorado, at the foot of the Rockies, where I continue to write and record my songs. I updated my recording gear several years ago, and now I record on my computer with as many tracks as I need. I haven't performed any live shows in a long time.

That brings us back to this website, where I’m releasing various songs that I’ve written and recorded through the years. It’s kind of an ongoing anthology, I suppose.

I hope you hear something that you like and can connect with.

Musically Yours,